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Car rental without a deposit

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What is a deposit in practice?

A deposit is very common with car rental companies, hotels and travel agencies. The deposit is a security in case of cancellation or damage occurring during the use of the service.  In practice, the deposit or, more precisely, the preauthorization of funds on a credit or debit card, involves blocking funds on the card against future charges. Preauthorization is not a withdrawal of funds from the card, but only a temporary blocking of funds on the card account, which means that the cardholder cannot use them.

Deposit with a car rental company.

The deposit for a car rental depends on the class of vehicle you want to book. The higher the car class, the higher the deposit. Deposits in Kaizen Rent are from PLN 2000 to PLN 4000.


Deposit amount






















Return of the deposit (cancellation of pre-authorization).

If the vehicle was returned in the same condition as when it was given to you, the deposit will be released immediately after the end of the rental.

There are situations when the rental company has the right to return the deposit less charges or penalties. To avoid unnecessary stress and costs, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the rental company. Each rental company is obliged to present the Terms and Conditions to the customer before the rental is made. You can find the Kaizen Rent Terms and Conditions here.

If you would like to see the Terms and Conditions, Schedule of Charges and Fees, sample rental agreement or sample return report before renting a car, please contact us at: - we will provide you with each of these documents in electronic form, so that you can be sure of the conditions of renting a vehicle from Kaizen Rent.

When does the rental company have the right to charge additional fees?

Additional fees that  the car rental company is authorized to charge should always be included in the Terms and Conditions or the Schedule of Charges and Fees. When you pick up a vehicle from Kaizen Rent you have to sign a handover report, in which the condition of the vehicle is detailed. If there is visible damage to the car, make sure that this damage is described in the report. With our rental service, you should receive a clean and fully fueled car.  The rented vehicle should be returned in the same condition in which it was given to you, which means that the car should be clean and fully fueled, unless you have purchased additional options during the rental in the form of waiver of the obligation to wash the car and return it with a full tank.  When you return the car, make sure to closely read the return report that you will sign in the presence of an employee of the car rental company. If you have chosen the additional option of not being responsible for total damage, you will not be charged additional fees. However, if you have damaged the car, be aware that some fees will be deducted from the deposit.

Forms of deposit.

Sometimes it is not possible to make a pre-authorization on your card during the rental. If this is the case, you should contact your bank first and find out if it is possible to enable the pre-authorization option on your card. However, this is not possible, most rental companies will allow you to make a payment equivalent to the value of the deposit, which is returned to you when the rental is finished. At Kaizen Rent we also provide this option. Please note, however, that this method can be very costly to the customer. Let's imagine that you’re traveling abroad, and you carry a card issued by a Polish bank and settled in Polish zloty (PLN). There are two operations then performed on the card account - debiting the card and crediting it. Exchange rate fluctuations and differences between buying and selling currency rates applied by the bank mean that the amount debited may be lower - even by several hundred PLN - than the amount credited. So check in advance with your bank whether it is possible to block funds on the card, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and costs later.

Who can rent without the deposit?

Kaizen Rent waives the deposit requirement for regular customers who have signed a framework agreement. Our regular customers also have an opportunity to negotiate car rental rates. People and companies that use our services on a regular basis should consider signing a framework agreement.

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