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Renting a car for vacation - what should you remember?

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Vacation is the perfect time for travel - both near and far. The most important thing when travelling is to be safe, regardless of where you’re going and how you get there. Along with safety, renting a car for your vacation will also give you convenience and flexibility when travelling. Therefore, select a car perfectly tailored to your needs.

Choosing a rental car

When choosing a rental car, it is worth considering purely practical factors, such as price, number of seats or trunk size. If you are planning a family vacation, renting a small city car may not be a good idea - it may be cheap, but traveling with suitcases between the seats will be neither comfortable nor safe. It is worth considering a larger car that will provide us with more comfort when travelling. On the other hand, if you’re taking a vacation for two and plan to visit large cities, keep in mind that a large car will be more difficult to move or park in most large cities. The car you rent for your trip should first of all suit your needs. If you appreciate luxury and don’t want to give it up during your holiday trips, consider renting a car from the premium segment. When renting a vehicle for your vacation, pay attention to two important issues: air conditioning and fuel type. In our rental service, all cars come standard with air conditioning. However, depending on the place where you rent a car, check if the air conditioning is fully functional. Fuel type is particularly important if you are planning to travel to some big cities in Western Europe. In Berlin, Munich or Hamburg it is already prohibited for cars with high emissions of poisonous fumes to enter the city center. In London, there is a charge for driving a diesel-powered car into the center, which is £24 per day as of 2019. Paris, Madrid, Athens have announced that they will ban diesel-powered cars from their city centers by 2025.

Additional options - only pay for what you really need

It would be much easier to compare different rental companies if they just gave you one price including all possible rental fees. Because of the many additional fees, rental service can sometimes become a bit complicated, but the goal is simple - only pay for what you actually use. You can read about what affects the final cost of the rental in our article: Affordable Car Rental.

Below we present only the most important additional options which travellers select most often.

Place of travel

If you are planning a trip outside Poland, make sure in advance that you can cross the border in your rented car. With Kaizen Rent, just like with most professional car rental companies, you are allowed to go outside Poland on condition that you report it in advance and pay an appropriate fee. Small, local car rental companies often don't allow you to drive abroad in a rented car. If you decided to spontaneously visit one of our neighbours during your time in Poland, remember to call the rental company and inform them. Nowadays, every professional rental company installs GPS devices in their cars, so it is not difficult to find out whether you drove abroad or not.

Better safe (and insured!) than sorry

Rental cars are always insured, but the coverage varies. When renting a car, find out what kinds of damage the insurance covers, and choose additional options if necessary. Even if you’re great behind the wheel, you should protect yourself with the right level of insurance coverage, because there are situations you have no influence over, like a punctured tire or a broken window. The cost of additional protection is much lower than the subsequent repair costs that you’ll have to pay.

With or without a limit

When planning your vacation, you probably look at the map to check how long it will take you to travel from one destination to another and roughly how many kilometers you will drive. This is important when renting a car, because the rental price depends often on the number of kilometers driven. If you plan to drive a lot, choose an option without a mileage limit and enjoy the freedom to travel wherever.

Car collection and return with no surprises

Pick-up location

An important issue to remember about is where you’ll pick up and return the car. If you're flying in for your dream vacation, it's a good idea to rent and return your car at the airport. Although Kaizen Rent doesn't have its own service points at airports, we don't charge any fees for picking up or returning a car there and we always deliver the car at the appointed time. If your plane is delayed and you can't inform us about it because you are on board, don't worry! Arrival delays are no problem for us, because we always have your flight number, and we will wait for you. Another important issue comes up when you return the car at a different location than you picked it up. Many car rental companies charge extra, but at Kaizen Rent we allow you to return the car at one of our branches in Poland without any additional fees.

Pick-up time

Another important thing to think about is the pick-up and return time of your vehicle. While late planes aren’t a problem, if you know that you will be late for any reason, let the rental company know (even by sending a text message) so that your reservation is not cancelled. If you want to pick up or return a car outside of working hours, such as late at night, you will have to take into account additional costs for out-of-hours service.


When going on vacation, you usually have a full set of documents on you. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed to rent a vehicle:

  • Identity card
  • Driver's license
  • Credit/debit card

A photo ID comes as no surprise to anyone; the rental company representative needs to verify that you are who you say you are. Showing your driver's license is also an obvious thing to do - the employee needs to be sure that they are giving the car to someone who has the right to drive. Anyone who is reported as a driver of the vehicle will be asked to present their driver's license. The last document, which is a debit/credit card, is required to block the deposit on the card, and if the rental has not been paid in advance, to pay for the rental. This is very important, because if there’s no card and we can’t block the deposit, it means that we cannot release the vehicle to you. For your own peace of mind, contact your bank beforehand to be sure that you can pre-authorize the funds on your card.

We wish you a great vacation, and we invite you to visit our webpage to see the latest deals at Kaizen Rent – check out our attractive holiday car rental offers.

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