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Get inspired and rent a car at a great price

Choose your dream destination and take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER for the weekend! Call us and get a special price for renting a car at Kaizen Rent. There are four weekends ahead, during which we encourage you to visit the most attractive regions of Poland. [read more]

Fleet Derby 2021 - Kaizen Rent again awarded

Once again, we are the best! For the second time in a row, we have been chosen the best company in the category: FLEET PRODUCT/SERVICE - SHORT & MID-TERM RENTAL. The awards were granted during the 10th anniversary edition of the Fleet Derby 2021 contest. [read more]

100 VEHICLES FOR MEDICS from Kaizen Rent in the fight against the epidemic!

100 CARS FOR MEDICS from Kaizen Rent in the fight against the epidemic! We are donating 100 cars nationwide to fight the epidemic! [read more]

How we keep our fleet clean and disinfected

How we work to keep our fleet clean and disinfected. Read about how we keep our fleet clean all across Poland and how we disinfect cars for our customers. [read more]

Damage to a rented car

You’ve rented a car and you’re on a trip with your family. As (bad) luck would have it, there is some damage to your rental car. Whether it’s a scratch in the parking lot, a minor collision, or serious damage, these kinds of situations usually cause a lot of stress - especially since the car isn’t yours. What to do when this happens ... [read more]

Renting a car for vacation - what should you remember?

The holidays are the perfect time to travel - near and far. The most important thing when travelling is to be safe, regardless of the means of transport and destination. Apart from safety, hiring a car for holidays will also ensure a high comfort of travelling. Therefore, it is worth renting a car perfectly tailored to our needs. [read more]

Cheap car rental – too good to be true?

The Rent a Car industry is booming. Renting a car has become a popular and easily accessible service. In order to meet customer expectations, rental companies are offering better and better cars - new and well-equipped. Rental rates are also becoming more and more attractive, or at least that is what you can infer from the advertisements of various rental companies. [read more]

Frequently asked questions about car rental - part 2

We encourage you to read the next chapter of the most frequently asked questions about renting a car from a rental company. [read more]

Frequently asked questions about renting a car - part 1.

Renting a car from a car rental company seems to be a simple service and should look the same in every car rental company. When renting a car we rarely have time to read the regulations of the car hire company and, if we have used a car hire company before, we think we know what the rules are and what our obligations are. This is where problems can arise. Some rental companies... [read more]

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